Martina Winston and Dennis Woods

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Martina Winston is from the South Side of Chicago but she lives in Pelham (Go Panthers!) and she loves her community and the Alabama Crimson Tide.  She says she is "a wild Zumba instructor, a crazy cheer coach, and a passionate volunteer" and she is also a Human Resources professional and Diversity & Inclusion Leader at Protective Life.  Martina lives with and loves her husband Corey, her daugter Jada, her son Jordan, Barkley the dog, and Mittens the cat.  Martina wonders, "Why has it taken me so long to find First Light? The mission is strong and it is important. I’m honored to serve and happy to make an impact."

Dennis Woods first witnessed the transformative power of dance at the age of 19, after his parents were involved in a serious car accident.  Doctors said it would be a lengthy and exhaustive rehabilitation, but ballroom dancing became one of the primary therapeutic tools that allowed them to make a full recovery.  It was then that Dennis had to experience the ballroom for himself.  A 15-year ballroom dance instructor, he has built his reputation on providing the best ballroom dance coaching in Birmingham and throughout the Southeast. 

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