Hillary Simon and Kalista Kirkland

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Hillary Simon is a morning news reporter for CBS 42 News. She has been at the station since December 2017 and has grown to love The Magic City. Hillary was born and raised in a suburb of Houston, Texas. After high school, she went to Indiana University and majored in journalism with a minor in music. She landed her first TV news reporter job in Evansville, Indiana. After 3 and a half years, Birmingham called and here we are! Hillary is so excited to get on the dance floor and show off her moves. In fact, when she was 3 years old, her mom enrolled her in ballet and she continued ballet and pointe until she was 14. She was also enrolled in jazz class for 8 years. It's been a while since she's really hit the dance floor but she is excited to relive those days. But more importantly, Hillary is excited to support a wonderful cause. Hillary has covered several homeless stories in her TV news career. In Indiana, she was the first reporter to sleep on the streets and see what it was like to be a homeless woman. Although it was only for 18 hours, she learned the struggles those who are homeless experience- especially women. 

Kalista Kirkland has been dancing for about 6 years now. Her favorite style of dance is hip hop because she can go hard and it pushes her out of her comfort zone.  She also loves jazz because it’s so versatile and it allows her to be herself.  Kalista loves to choreograph and teach because it allows the things in her brain and body to be brought to life by others in their own special way.  Kalista says, "It just amazes me how many different ways my choreography can be expressed into something I never pictured."


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