LaBella Alvis and Spenser Thompson

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LaBella Alvis is a Partner with Christian Small LLP handling defense litigation with a heavy emphasis on medical malpractice cases.  She loves riding her horse, sailing, skiing on the water and in the snow, traveling, and her family--including her dog Mia and her cat Jingles.  LaBella says she is interested in supporting First Light because "I can't imagine anything more frightening than to be homeless, especially with a family."  And she loves that her son Stewart is a member of First Light's junior board, the First Light Young Partners, and they can support First Light together!

Spenser Thompson started his dancing career in 2001 through the Curt n’ Wendy Dance youth ballroom dance program. Since then, he has competed and performed in both country western and American styled ballroom dance competitions including Christmas in Dixie, Dancing with the King, All Star Dance Camp, the Birmingham Ballroom Dance Marathon, and many more.  Spenser’s passion is teaching anyone and everyone the joys of social dancing. Spenser works with his wife Miah at their company Dueta Dance, which specializes in social, competitive, and performance styles of ballroom dance. Spenser and Miah also train up-and-coming teachers the art of teaching ballroom dance. They have experience working with all ages and teach using both the Arthur Murray and DVIDA syllabus.


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